Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a modern person makes him be fat. Low mobility guarantees results in the form of fat folds. It would seem easy to lose weight. Ceased to eat, and all things! But for some reason, we face the opposite! Those who have tried extra diets (10, 14, 21 days) can say for sure that the weight returns instantly and, even more, increases in the form of body fat. Plus, with diets, so valuable energy is lost today, apathy is observed, fatigue increases. What to do? Fitness for weight loss plus proper nutrition will provide you with excellent well-being and excellent shape.

When doing fitness while losing weight, you need to “improve” your daily diet. No fasting! All you need is to make small but fundamental changes to your diet. For a couple with fitness, they fundamentally change your figure.

Rule 1. Think what, how much when you eat!

It is necessary to eat often (5-6 times a day), it is necessary to eat in small portions. Food should be balanced – proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats. Be sure (!!!) have breakfast. Those who do not eat breakfast (or eat twice a day and in large quantities) slow down the metabolic processes, which in turn is the cause of excess weight. Consume fiber. Fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. Increase fiber intake is very simple – go to whole grain products and add bran to the dishes when cooking. The benefit is obvious: you will feel full longer, less dangerous is that you will eat, and the intestines will work no better. Replace refined carbohydrates (white bread, rice, soft-flour pasta) with fiber-rich carbohydrates (cereals, whole-grain bread, brown rice). Make sure that carbohydrates dominate in your menu in the morning, and proteins in the second. So you will be full of energy and full.

Do not be afraid of fat. Complete rejection of fat – a fatal mistake. Fat – is not only a mandatory component of the diet. They still help to lose weight! At first glance, such a statement seems to be completely devoid of meaning. Meanwhile, in fatty deposits, not only excess fat in the diet is to blame, but also hormones, in particular, insulin. Fats inhibit the secretion of insulin, well, the smaller it is, the less fat you have on the sides.
But that is not all. The less you eat fat, the worse the fat metabolism. Simply put, the “burning” of fat slows down, because the body ceases to consider it a serious source of energy. And rightly so, because fat in the diet is unacceptably low! However, fats are different. You need vegetable and omega-3 fats (from fish). But animal fats are banned. If animal fats increase blood pressure, cholesterol levels in the blood and significantly increase the risk of a heart attack, then vegetable fats and omega-3 fats are all exactly the opposite.

Rule 2. Drink a lot of water!

Without water, there really is no life. Water plays an important role in the processes of digestion, regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints, maintaining skin moisture and high muscle tone. Water supplies oxygen, glucose and nutrients to every cell of the body, and then from there it carries away harmful slags. If you drink too little, the body begins to store water for future use. The results are obvious: swelling under the eyes. In addition, due to the lack of water, we start to get tired faster than usual, suffer from constipation, suffer from the brutal hunger … But it’s so simple – to drink ordinary water!
When you are fighting overweight, water should be your number one fat burner. Recent studies have found that water plays a key role in regulating the metabolic rate. It turned out that dehydration slows the metabolism, and with it the “burning” of fat. In addition, the less you drink, the higher the concentration of sodium ions in the body. Well, sodium, as you know, retains water in the tissues. As a result, you “swell” and become even thicker. For example, half a teaspoon of salt causes a delay of one and a half liters of water in the intestine. Your waist becomes 2.5-4 cm wider!

Rule 3. Fitness, fitness and fitness again!

So, here it is important to know that it is important to approach training. Proper nutrition without fitness or fitness without proper nutrition will never give you the perfect shape. Therefore, you must choose what you like – gym, martial arts, strength or aerobic exercises, maybe dancing or playing sports. For only the pleasure of hanging out will always pull you to the workout, plus the result will not take long to wait. Further, any sport has its own specifics in the mode and nutrition. Here you just have to consult with the coach, how often it is you need to do and what features of your diet. Thus, fitness for you will be not only a means for losing weight, but also a way of healthy life. You will notice that you are not just losing weight, but getting a beautiful figure, with beautiful taut muscles, good mood and well-being. We highly recommend that you choose a fitness club for weight loss. So you will meet like-minded people and will always be under the supervision of a specialist.

Diane Black